The British Council Bahrain is hosting the Regional Gulf Sports Conference from 25 – 27 February 2020 as part of its Culture and Sport programme.

The conference is delivered in partnership with the Bahrain Ministry of Education and will bring together sport education experts, Youth Sport Leaders, and sport trainers from the UK, Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

The conference will allow for delegates to exchange knowledge, drawing on best practices from national educational programmes, and share newly gained experiences from the successes of the Youth Sports Leadership programme (YSL).

The Youth Sports Leadership programme, delivered by the Youth Sport Trust International, is a three-year sports programme that aims to improve student’s interpersonal skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, leadership and problem solving as well as empowering women in sports and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Amongst the programme there will be keynote presentations by representatives of the Ministry, British Council and inspirations sports figures, including UK Olympic gold medallist Duncan Goodhew. Further sessions are focused on the exchange of success stories and a policy-maker roundtable.

Alongside the conference will run the UK Bahrain Sports, Health and Exercise Science Symposium where Researchers & GCC partner representatives will discuss the latest developments and the future of sports science focused on sports injuries in the Gulf.

The conference concludes with a one-day Sports Festival on February 27, which celebrates the achievements of over 1000 young people and trainers across the Gulf who succeeded in completing the Youth Sports Award, a special recognition scheme as part of the YSL.

The Regional Gulf Sports Conference is an invitation-only event.

The British Council’s Culture and Sports Programme aims to create new opportunities for the GCC countries and the UK to connect and build greater understanding through culture and sport.