Creating opportunities for new knowledge and exchange

We help build the careers of scientists and researchers through a range of programmes which develop skills, promote collaboration with UK institutions and inspire women to follow a career in science.

Capacity building workshops

These programmes help early and mid-career scientists connect with their peers in the UK and bring together researchers, funding agencies and higher education bodies to increase international collaboration between the UK and the Gulf. We host professional development workshops that focus on communication skills for international contexts and have been attended by over 130 researchers from across the Gulf region since 2015.

Women in STEM

Many of our initiatives are aimed specifically at women. In the Gulf, we work to improve women’s participation rates across our STEM events with a target of 50%. We also run social media campaigns promoting the stories of Women in STEM such as the #ChampionofScience campaign.

Our Science Symposia

Our Science Symposia across the Gulf bring together scientists and researchers to discuss global challenges and opportunities such as renewable energy, nanotechnology and cyber security.

Our recent two-day science collaboration symposium addressed the issue of water and energy and was attended by 10 UK researchers from different UK institutions and 41 Gulf researchers from leading universities and research institutes, including  Bahrain’s Supreme Council of Environment and the Ministry of Oil and Energy.

Attendees at the Bahrain Capacity Building for Researchers Workshop, February 2017
Attendees at the Science Collaboration Symposium, November 2016