School children with happy faces planting a small tree in soil

The “Bahrain Climate Connection Champions” programme is designed to develop and amplify support for climate change action and COP26 amongst young people and institutions in Bahrain while building a network of champions across the community. The programme works with young people to develop social leadership skills, skills to build and convene coalitions and to support the development of sustainable plans for social action to address the challenges of climate change.

The programme is supported by the British Embassy in Bahrain and will be launched in partnership with the Higher Education Council

Richard Rooze, Director of British Council Bahrain said: “We're delighted to see this amazing project launch with the Higher Education Council. Our shared goals are to support young people to create a greener and more sustainable world.”

About the programme

As the UK prepares to host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, in November 2021, the British Council is supporting young activists across the globe to implement projects that will help tackle climate change challenges to create a greener, more sustainable world. 

The Bahrain Climate Connection Champions programme supports Bahrain’s National Vision 2030 and its efforts to confront the challenges posed by climate change.  The programme will provide a springboard for social action and change led by young people, maximise and strengthen community links, promote and engage support for action and establish a foundation for continued delivery.

By the end of the programme, we hope that our participants will go on to become advocates of climate change and that their involvement in the “Bahrain Climate Connection Champions” programme will have built their confidence as social intermediaries in developing new skills and engaging with their communities.

The Bahrain Climate Connection Champions is funded by the FCDO Gulf Strategy Fund and delivered in partnership with the British Council Bahrain.

Watch the magic come to life! Join us on 10 March 2022 to see and learn about all the Social Action Projects developed by our Climate Champions.

Environmental organisations, groups, individuals and enthusiasts welcome to attend and get involved. Contact us on