About the programme

In a tough jobs market young people need to prove they have the professional skills to succeed. But we know the gap between education and the workplace is a wide one. 

Our Skills for Employability projects and partnerships are designed to improve young Bahrainis' employability skills and develop the entrepreneurial talents that will bridge that gap. 

Encouraging employability

In Bahrain, the British Council is working together with local partners to address major issues in the area of employability. This includes our work in policy dialogue, partnerships and skills training.

Our projects and events include:

  • Young Entrepreneurs programmes and the Ambassadors Forum in partnership with small and medium enterprises that help to create opportunities for network members.
  • Policy dialogues: We actively engage local stakeholders to attend international policy dialogue including our UK Seminar series.
    The British Council is hosting a series of seminars aimed at senior government officials, policy and decision makers, employers and employer organisations, donor agency representatives and senior education staff.  Each seminar will focus on a central theme in technical education and skills and we will use workshops and case studies of UK and international best practice. The seminars are designed to help delegates develop their own national solutions by reviewing existing practice and include visits to relevant organisations.
    Follow this link and download the UK Skills Seminar Series 2014/5 brochure at the bottom of the page.
  • Workshops and training: We work collaboratively with the Higher Council for Vocational Training and the Quality Assurance Authority delivering workshops and trainings focusing on occupational standards, qualification framework and apprenticeship.

More information 

Learn more about our projects by visiting our Skills for Employability website and take a look at the websites below for other British Council-run events focusing on skills.

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