©Hussain Al Mahroos

 Art plays an important role in climate change action, as artistic work can create public conversation through visualisation.

The British Council Bahrain works together with Folk Art Space, supported by the British Embassy in Bahrain, on the Climate Change Arts programme, a programme that aims to generate greater understanding and empathy, collaboration and connections, imagination, and innovation around the issue of climate change amongst young people.

The programme is centred around Bahrain photographer and artist, Hussain Al Mahroos, who has been commissioned by the British Council to create a piece of art, constituting of documentation, research, exhibition, and a photo publication which focuses on the decrease of green lands and loss of agricultural spaces in Bahrain, while following the lives and experiences of farmers in Bahrain.

In his work he calls on the new generation of youth to increase their awareness and knowledge on Bahrain’s agriculture and the steps taken to improve by shifting from traditional to modern agriculture, and the main barriers present against agricultural development.

The programme was launched on 19 January 2022 with a vibrant panel discussion hosted at Folk Art Space, where speakers discussed the importance of utilising arts and culture platforms to navigate environmental challenges and climate change. Alongside Hussain Al Mahroos, the panel featured Map BH founder, Ahmed Al Mutawa and UK-based exhibitions and collections manager, Andy Franzkowiak.

The Climate Change Arts programme brings together both the vibrant Bahraini and UK art scene, allowing for exchange of cultures as well as understanding on how these countries grapple these environmental challenges.

Stay tuned for the project’s final exhibition on show on the 27th of March 2022 at the Folk Art Space.

Make sure to visit the exhibition and see for yourself what role art plays in the climate change debate and get inspired to take action.

This Arts Climate Change Partnership is funded by the FCDO Gulf Strategy Fund and delivered in partnership with the British Council Bahrain.