Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy app

Like you, we want to help your child develop their English and other core skills so that they can reach their full potential. That’s why we have designed Learning Time with Timmy to be a language-learning adventure you can continue at home.

Give your child hours of fun learning English with our brand new series on YouTube and collection of apps. They are for children aged two to six who are learning English as an additional language, and are also ideal for children whose first language is English who are developing their vocabulary.

Watch the Learning Time with Timmy video series for kids

The Learning Time with Timmy series is available for free on YouTube. It is inspired by the Learning Time with Timmy course so you can trust it to be fun, engaging and high quality. Our holistic approach has informed the learning outcomes for each episode so that your child develops their language skills as well as their creativity, imagination and much more.

Your child will learn new words, sing along and join in the activities with Timmy and his friends!

Watch the Learning Time with Timmy YouTube series.

Download the apps

The three Learning Time with Timmy apps contain hours of fun for your child. Through the games in each app they can learn over 200 English words and practise essential development skills such as hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Timmy's First Words in English - Learning Time with Timmy

Timmy's Learning New Skills - Learning Time with Timmy

Timmy's Starting to Read - Learning Time with Timmy

Developed by our English language teaching experts, they complement what your child learns in class. They build on your child’s language skills and prepare them for reading.

You can either download the app pack from the Apple App Store or individually from Google Play or Amazon.