British Council has signed a contract with Al-Iman Schools – Girls Section to implement a comprehensive programme to improve the teaching and learning of English language at the school. Mr Tony Calderbank, Director, British Council Bahrain, signed the contract on behalf of British Council and Ms Fourat Tuleimat, Principal, Al-Iman School – Girls Section, signed the contract on behalf of Al-Iman Schools.

The school organised a ceremony which was attended by the administration and academic staff of the school as well as the parents’ council.

This programme aims to develop the English language teachers’ skills and consequently improving the students’ level. The programme will be implemented in phases, the first of which will be applied this year and will include identifying the English language teachers’ training needs, analysing students’ levels and reviewing the curriculum currently used at the school and recommending suitable books to achieve the desired curriculum objectives. The second phase will include designing training programmes for teachers to improve their skills, and the third and fourth phases will include creating a student performance portfolio, which will include taking international examinations from a primary level until they reach IELTS level. The fifth phase will target the administrative and academic staff in the school and develop their English language skills.

Ms Noora Al Sabah, English Project Manager, British Council Bahrain, who is responsible for implementing this programme, commented on this event saying “This initiative from the school is a innovative academic experience here that will not only improve the teaching and learning of the English language at the school but will also form a rich experience for the teachers and the students that will leave a positive impact with regards to analysing the school’s situation for many years to come. I, in turn, would like to commend the administration of Al-Iman School for supporting this initiative, and we, at the British Council, will make our utmost effort to help the school reach the objectives of this academic project."