Project Concept and Background:

As part of the Gulf-wide Culture and Sport programme, in early 2019, British Council Bahrain delivered an intensive cultural training for a group of artists, curators and cultural sector professionals focusing on three priority skills building areas: 1. Representation in the Public Sector including applying for grants from international organisations, international artists residencies, international travel grants and public collections and commissions. 2. Representation in the Commercial Sector including private gallery representation, auction houses, art dealers, art fairs, private collections, buying and selling and private commissions. 3. Writing and Communication: Portfolio development, essay writing, biographies and social media. This training included a combination of table-top exercises, presentations and practical workshops around writing.

The overall feedback from the workshop was very positive and expressed appetite for further/ longer training on the same themes to help build skills in the sector. Key learnings from this workshop also informed the results of a new survey from June 2019, which showed that the arts and cultural sector in Bahrain want to continue to learn and develop their skills in country as well as learn about international exchanges and opportunities. 

Based on this, British Council Bahrain intends to run more in-depth, intensive training with a modular approach, from October 2019 – March 2020. The target audience would be emerging to mid-career artists and arts and culture professionals, preferably 18-35 years old. The aim of these sessions will be to expand on the three areas outlined above and build on them by focusing on further priority topics which are detailed in the RFP document below.

The opportunity

British Council is seeking UK based, experienced curators, facilitators or institutions with experience in delivering cultural skills training, to act as a course leader to deliver a Cultural Skills training programme in Bahrain for artists, curators and members of the arts and culture sector, on 3 modules, each module delivery lasting 4-5 days. The expected delivery timeline is 27-31 October 2019 for module 1, 2-6 February 2020 for module 2, and 1-5 March 2020 for module 3. 

The course leader will lead, in consultation with British Council colleagues on the design, format, and presentation of the workshop, along with the selection of other presenters to deliver content, where needed. The course leader is expected to use the above information to inform the content of 3 modules responding to the needs and aspirations highlighted by the survey respondents.

Please refer to the RFP document at the bottom of this page for further information about the purpose and scope of this RFP and the requirements of the British Council and the procurement process for submitting a tender proposal. 

Key dates:

22 July 2019: Request for proposals opens

29 July 2019: Deadline to submit any clarification questions by interested suppliers

30 July 2019: RFP clarification questions answered

24 August 2019: Proposals submission deadline

29 August – 3 September 2019: Final Decision made and chosen supplier is informed


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