Children at a Connecting Classrooms activity

About the programme

Through the Connecting Classrooms project the British Council works closely with the Ministry of Education and schools to provide professional development to teachers and ministry officials.  Connecting Classrooms also provides specially developed resources to help schools explore a number of social, environmental and cultural themes.

We also focus on the Schools Online platform as well as the International School Award to ensure the inclusion of the international dimension in school work.  We have so far engaged with over 60 private and public schools providing professional training courses to over 300 teachers and school leaders.   

How Do We Connect Classrooms?

We connect classrooms  through partnerships, online collaborations, grants for teachers to visit their partner schools, professional development opportunities, policy dialogue conferences and the International School Award (ISA). 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We also offer workshops and online courses to help you get the most out of school partnerships. 

Our online courses provide information and advice on:

  • The Connecting Classrooms programme
  • Education for global citizenship
  • Inter-cultural and global awareness
  • Sustainable partnerships.

You can also get involved with face-to-face workshops, tailored specifically for teachers which focuses on promoting global citizenship. The programme is divided into introductory and advanced levels and is designed to: 

  • enable you to share experiences and knowledge 
  • benefit you whether you have basic or extensive global citizenship and international experience 
  • renew enthusiasm 
  • generate new ideas you can implement at school
  • encourage and equip you to strengthen the international nature of your school’s curriculum.

We also have other courses designed for school leaders. Each includes a 20-module leadership programme. If you want to get involved please contact us.

International School Award

The International School Award is a global accreditation scheme recognising good practice and incorporating an international dimension into schools. 

The International School Award (ISA) acknowledges school collaboration internationally and recognises schools that:

  • champion international work and collaborate with partners to develop lasting relationships
  • benchmark best practice and share professional development in teaching and learning
  • engage young people in topics such as the global economy, global citizenship and develop their skills for life and work.
  • support whole-school projects that contribute towards school improvement
  • enrich education through international work. 

Visit the School Online website to learn more about the ISA and how to get involved.

Policy Dialogue

We build relationships and networks, working with educational policy makers, encouraging them to develop best practice in education and global citizenship.

Our high-profile international conferences, seminars and study visits are held all over the world and bring together ministry officials and decision makers.  We encourage dialogue and exchange of best practices in our educational curriculum standards . Contact us to learn more.

More information

Visit the British Council Schools Online website to find out more about the Connecting Classrooms programme and to learn how you can get involved.