Graffiti Street Art has become a major developing aspect in British Council Bahrain’s Art Profile. Our aim is to develop the arts sector by bridging gaps in skills for an array of creative genres. Graffiti has been one of our main focuses in the Kingdom of Bahrain

To develop our artists Graffiti and street art skills.

People have been painting and writing on walls throughout history and in the late 20th century, Graffiti and street art has become an international phenomenon and there is growing recognition of its value as an Arts form.

We would like the concept of Graffiti as a method of vandalism to be shifted in our Bahraini community and transform it to a concept of modern developing arts.

Which artists are involved?

We have engaged with both local self-taught artists Mahmood Al-Shargawi and Mohammed Al-Abbar, who would like to change the concept of Graffiti Street Art in the Middle East and have it viewed as a method of modern Arts.

Both artists participated in a Graffiti pilot at the British Council Bahrain to teach student’s techniques and skills of Graffiti, they have also contributed to the Graffiti Street Art tour in London to study and learn more about the history of Graffiti.

The British Council Bahrain would like to see more Graffiti artists emerge in Bahrain and for its community to gain a better understanding of this method of art.

For anyone interested in learning more about our Graffiti Street Art Project or would like to participate and contribute more to the project please contact us on +973 17 266166.